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Technical requirements

Technical Requirements

Useful information for the event technician /agency

Please make sure this information is made available to the technician at the event location before the event!

Oona Horx Strathern presents her lectures using the Keynote programme on her personal Apple MacBook Pro. The presentation is not compatible with other operating systems and can therefore only be played from her own laptop. A PDF version of the presentation (readable on every computer) will naturally be made available afterwards.

Dear Technician/Agency, don’t worry,

  1. I always arrive one hour before my talk is due to start, or during a useful break in the proceedings when we can test the presentation. Apple computers work really well: In 99 out of 100 cases, it is simply “plug and play”: we plug it in and the presentation runs after a few seconds!
  2. I use the latest generation of Apple MacBook Pro (with USB-C) and will bring all the necessary adaptors!
  3. For the video output I prefer HDMI, but VGA is also ok.
  4. For the computer sound, a 3.5 mm jack plug is optimal.
  5. As a microphone, I prefer a headset.
  6. The presentation is in a wide, 16: 9 format.
  7. I need my own computer on the stage as I cannot transfer my Keynote presentation onto a PC computer system. Also since I have a lot of complex and elaborate animations in the presentation, I need to be able to switch to the next chart/slide myself (it works with my own remote control up to a maximum of 15 meters).

Thank you. If you have any questions, please email me at: