The Post-Corona Hygge

Why home is the neglected aunt… Hygge, the latest sofa style, colour of the year, new cushion collections. There is something about these home trends that suddenly feels almost decadent, indecent. You might say they were always just “first world solutions to first world problems”. Yet how we form, celebrate or even decorate and furnish[…]

Salone del Mobile

Genius. That, small but powerful word, is, according to the president of the Salone del Mobile, the new directive being integrated into their official manifesto for 2019. Calling on the legacy of such geniuses from Leonardo da Vinci to today’s top designers it is about focussing on the ability to create and think in a[…]

Women’s Boxing

Die deutsche Version dieses Textes können Sie auf der Zukunftsinstitut-Website lesen: »Frauenboxen« When is a trend a trend? Boxing for women is not a trend I was expecting to ever write about, nor is it one I imagined I would ever take part in. When trend researchers and futurists see a trend, when they notice[…]

Mind Sports

The Search for Resonance or the Escape from Digital Autism When the founder of WeWork, the co-working and co-living spaces was interviewed recently he spoke rather surprisingly about his plans and passion for wave pools. What, you might wonder, do wave pools have to do with his plans for revolutionising the world of work? Adam[…]

Town Square

The Annexing of the Town Square: From the Apple Agora to the We-Work third space It almost went unnoticed. Apple earlier this year announced that their newest store will not be called a store, but rather a “town square”. Traditionally a place where people exchange ideas, goods, argue, fall in love or just hang out,[…]