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Trend Report 2007

Key socio-cultural trends for future markets

Matthias Horx, Co-author Oona Strathern

In the language of the trend researchers and futurologists, the term „socio-cultural“ suggests that these trends are ones in which a measurable sociography plays a role. As opposed to pure lifestyle trends which are limited to the sphere of consumer and style developments, socio-cultural trends deal with changes in social behaviour which can be measured using hard indicators. In this abstract of the Zukunftsinstitut's „Trend-Report 2007“ you find 9 socio-cultural trends – from The New Morality to Gourmet-Sex.

  • The New Morality:
    How commitment to doing good has become an economic necessity
  • Me-Volution:
    The Web 2.0 creates social structures of the third degree
  • Neo Cities:
    The new global urbanisation
  • The India-Feeling:
    Kitsch, colour, reincarnation – India´s culture is becoming a cult in Europa
  • Happyology:
    The science of happiness
  • Gourmet-Sex:
    The new erotic culture
  • Home-Heroes:
    The glorification of domesticity – for both sexes
  • Smart Basics:
    The new cheap convenience brands: young, cool, chic, designer
  • Clever Kids:
    The new innovation project children

January 2007, 42 pages
ISBN: 978-3-938284-28-5
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Future Products 2004

100 Key Innovations for Tomorrow’s Marketplace

Oona Strathern

July 2003, 159 pages

ISBN: 3-937131-10-8

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Future Work

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by Oona Strathern and Corinna Mühlhausen

April 2003, 118 pages

ISBN: 3-934429-06-8

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War for Talents

The Workplace Challenges of the 21st Century

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