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For a full list of the best books on Futurism, please have a look at the bibliography of my book, A Brief History of the Future.

Horx-Strathern, Oona: Wir bauen ein Zukunftshaus

Die Familie Horx-Strathern hat am Rand von Wien ein Haus für die Zukunft gebaut: das „Future Evolution House”. Kurzweilig und mit viel Ironie wird das Drama seiner Entstehung geschildert. Wie es zum Wunsch nach einem Eigenheim kam, welchen Anforderungen einer modernen Familie es genügen sollte, von den emotionalen Hochs und Tiefs während des Baus und wie Architektur heute den neuen Energietrends, innovativen Technologien, aber auch moderner Raumgestaltung Rechnung tragen kann. Erhältlich bei: www.amazon.de

Strathern, Oona: A Brief History of the Future

How visionary thinkers changed the world and tomorrow's trends are "made" and marketed.

A Key Book for Trend and Future Research.

Here in alphabetical order, a few of my favourites:

Baker, Robin: Sex in the Future

Not for the squeamish, sensitive or the incurably romantic.

Carey, John (Editor): The Faber Book of Utopias.

Carefully chosen extracts and short sharp analysis from all the strangest, best and nastiest utopias you could ever wish to read or dream about.

Clarke, Arthur C.: Profiles of the Future

Originally published in 1962, but read the millennium edition as it has his updated comments and apologies. www.clarkefoundation.org is his official website where you can read the original 1945 article proposing satellites.

Clarke, I.F.: The Pattern of Expectation

Dense, yet highly readable history of futures from 1644 to 2001. One of John Naisbitt’s favourite books on futurism. Out of print but worth tracking down this or any of his other works.

Flechtheim, Ossip: History and Futurology

With a foreword by Robert Jungk. A selection of his early papers and ideas.

Gordon, Adam: Future Savvy

Identifying Trends to Make Better Decisions, Manage Uncertainty,
and Profit from Change

AMACOM, New York, 2008


Horx, Matthias: How We Will Live

A Synthesis of Life in the Future.

Jungk, Robert: Tomorrow Is Already Here, Scenes from a Man-Made World.

Pessimistic but fascinating and highly readable snapshot of the zeitgeist of 50s America.


Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: The Futurist Cookbook

Nothing really to do with futurism or cooking as we know it, but great for dinner party conversation.


Mead, Margaret: The World Ahead, An Anthropologist Anticipates the Future

Little known collection of her essays and speeches on anticipatory anthropology. 


Naisbitt, John

If you read anything, go for his classic Megatrends to see what all the fuss was about and his most recent Mind Set!

Schwartz, Peter: The Art of the Long View

Doubleday, New York, 1991.

Good, readable examples of scenario planning.
For the Global Business Network see  www.gbn.com.


Sterling, Bruce: Tomorrow Now.

A lively introduction to the dilemmas and difficulties of modern day futurism, and a look at how we live today by a science fiction writer with his futurist hat on.


Toffler, Alvin: The Futurists

A great overview of the thinking of the key futurists of the 1950s and 1960s. 


Wells, H.G.: Journalism and Prophecy, 1893-1946

An Anthology by W.Warren Wagar. Excellent selection of Wells’ writings, rantings and predictions. Another alternative to the classics, is Discovery of the Future , which outs him as a futurist, edited and introduced by Patrick Parrinder.


Wood, Michael: The Road to Delphi, The Life and Afterlife of Oracles

Poetic and almost painterly look the history of oracles.




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